Hi, I'm Wisp X, and I've been making a variety of electronic music since late 2012!I make melodic music that takes inspiration from anime and video game soundtracks, as well as various styles of electronic dance music.You can find my music in all major music stores, like Spotify, Apple Music, and Bandcamp!


If you're interested in a music commission, please read the information on this page 💙

Types of projects I may be interested in working on

  • VTuber BGM

  • YouTube / Twitch Intro / Outro Songs

  • Soundtracks (Games / Anime / Movie)

And more! Feel free to email me with your project type and details!

Commission examples


My rates are $300 USD per minute of music. So for example, a 1:30 long song would be $450 USD.Payment are accepted via PayPal.


If you're interested in a commission or have any questions, you can contact me with your project's details at wispxmusic@gmail.com, or message me on Discord. My username is セージ#0001